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PRESS RELEASE, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

Almost a third of Fuqua’s 2013 daytime MBA graduates choose consulting jobs. Average salary of graduates continues to increase. Duke MBAs are continuing to choose consulting jobs after graduation. Nearly one-third of the 2013 class (32 percent) in Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business Daytime MBA program accepted offers in the consulting industry, according to data gathered by Fuqua’s Career Management Center (CMC). Six of the top 10 employers of graduates this year are consulting firms.

For the third consecutive year Deloitte remains the top employer of Duke MBAs, hiring 26 graduates. Other consulting firms hiring multiple graduates include Bain and Company, McKinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

“Duke MBAs pursue these highly competitive positions for a variety of reasons: consulting quickly and intimately exposes them to the greatest challenges companies and organizations face and offers them the chance to apply many of the frameworks and skills they learned in business school, often while working with clients in a variety of industries and at locations around the globe,” said Associate Dean for Career Management, Sheryle Dirks.

Top employers outside the consulting industry include Microsoft, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Amazon.com, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Apple.

Financial services, consumer products, and health remain popular choices among Duke MBAs. This year also saw growth in the technology sector, with 10 percent of graduates accepting jobs in that industry.

“As consumers and organizations increasingly embrace technology products and services into their daily routines, companies find value in hiring MBAs to drive innovation, bring products to market, streamline operations and distribution channels, and perform other important functions in this rapidly evolving sector,” Dirks said.

The average starting salary of graduates continues to rise to almost $115,000 per year (from an average of almost $112,000 last year.) Fuqua grads reported an average signing bonus of more than $29,000. That is also up from last year when the average reported signing bonus was about $27,000.

Most of the graduates (88 percent) accepted jobs in the U.S. Six percent of the class will work in South America. Four percent took jobs in Asia. Others will work in Europe, Africa, or non-European free trade area countries.

Right now, these numbers are still preliminary. Graduates self-report this information and more data is expected in the upcoming months.

A complete breakdown of the data can be found here:

Fuqua School of Business

The Fuqua School of Business, established in 1970, consistently ranks among the top U.S. business schools. More than 1,300 students are enrolled in the school’s degree programs, which include the Daytime, Weekend, Global Executive and Cross Continent MBA, and the Master of Management Studies.


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